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1️⃣ We bring your attention to a unique Role Play server, where you can decide your character’s path by yourself. Appearing at the station, firstly you can begin an exciting questline, that will meet you with the main server functional.

2️⃣ In the future, you also could choose different ways of living. You could be a police, protecting the state from criminals, or become a criminal yourself.
Most of the factions have unique, custim interiors and elements of clothes. Also, we created additional systems, including prison, where you can train your strength and work a bit.
Don’t want to live alone and want to travel a lot, start some adventure? Just create your own family and take part in daily events, fighting for organization spheres of influence and businesses. Collect earnings and buy new DLC cars variants from real life, that now more than 300 copies!

3️⃣ Or do you want to prove your family is the best? Every few month’s “Families battle” is taking place, in which you step by step moving to the top of standings, reaching the final place, and proving your superiority (real good for bloggers, a lot of content)!
Want to be fashionable? Go to our premium clothes shop, where you can buy fashion clothes from famous brands: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, OffWhite, and much more!
On our server hundreds of beautiful interfaces, system events, and also amazing exciting systems are waiting for you to get acquainted.

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