This is a list of the BMX games I have enjoyed playing.

No 1 for me is Dave Mirra Remix on the Playstation still playing it now emulated on a Playstation portable or an Android TV box with Xbox controller.

The games are available on other formats, below is a list of what I played them on.

What games should be included, maybe I’ll do a part 2.

Music is my own created with GarageBand on iPad.

Paperboy Arcade 1985
BMX Simulator ZX Spectrum 48K 1986
Paperboy ZX Spectrum 48K 1986
Dave Mirra freestyle BMX Playstation PS1 2000
Dave Mirra freestyle BMX Maximum Remix 2001
Matt Hoffman Pro BMX Playstation PS1 2001
Dave Mirra freestyle BMX 2 Xbox
Dave Mirra freestyle BMX 2 GBA Gameboy Advance 2001
Dave Mirra freestyle BMX 3 GBA Gameboy Advance 2002
Touchgrind BMX ipad 2011
Mad Skills BMX iphone 2012
Pumped BMX 3 ipad 2016
BMX The Game PC +
BMX The Streets PC

Respect to Dave Mirra R.I.P.

If a licence for a BMX game was to go to anyone I would like it to be Scotty Cranmer. He is truly inspirational. The whole crew could be included. The mini game possibilities.

Wheel of misfortune
Mystery box game of bike
Obstacle course
musical bikes
manual challenge


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