You draw jumps to get big air and bust titanic tricks in this BMX bike racing game. Pull off no-footer flips, super-mans, heel clickers and tons of other wild stunts. Land on your wheels or brace for a wicked wipe-out that will send your rider tumbling like a rag doll. Choose from a colorful cast of 10 characters and explore 5 different locations as you progress. Doing tricks earns points, with harder and more dangerous stunts delivering bigger point values. Each level has a target score that you must meet before you reach the checkered flag. Beat level 50 to unlock a secret mystery character!

Locations include:
– Urban streets of downtown.
– Freaky farm in the country.
– Spooky dead forest.
– Rocky mountain pass.
– Guarded castle hallways.

Characters include:
– Hardcore NYC punk.
– Middle school dork.
– Bratty ballerina.
– Tuxedo cat.
– Big head baby.
– Evil scientist.
– Mutant man.
– Raging rubber-duck.
– Burly grizzly bear.
– Bag of bones skeleton.
– ????? – Beat level 50 to find out!

This is bicycle motocross racing like you’ve never seen before! Whether you’re a die-hard BMX fan, a downhill mountain bike MTB racer, or a freestyle street bike enthusiast, this game will keep you entertained for hours! Bust burly tricks!