Nitro Circus and Saber Interactive are joining forces to create the greatest Action Sports game of all time! (Video Game talk starts 07:28)

The Nitro Circus video game have planned to create a game that combines actions sports such as FMX, BMX, Skateboard, Scooter and more into the ultimate freestyle actions sports game of all time!

This is all still in the works so I could only tell you what I think could be in the game from the meetings I have been in, but the development is underway and there will be a Nitro Circus game in the near future!

In the meantime check out Saber Interactive’s newest game MX Nitro which is a great teaser for whats to come:

You can also download the MX Nitro game on console in the online stores.

Check out my GF Alex’s Youtube channel:

(Some information I give may not be correct to what the final game will be. the game is still in development)

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