How to Join my Crews:

Xbox Gamertag: ChrisGamer1996

Rules Must read
1) No spamming in chat
2) I am not a modder, I am a legitmate player so dont not call me a modder in chat.
3) Dont be rude in chat.
4) Be respectful.
5) No Self adversitising of your own channel or other channels, Unless you have been given permission to do so.
6) Don’t ask to be a moderator, only regulars will get that opportunity.
7) Don’t not ask for money drops cause I am not a modder.
8) Do not promote glitches in chat, E.G Heist Replay Glitches car duplication glitches, God mode glitches or any game breaking glitches.
9) Do not ask for 1v1s, as I’m a grinder not a pvp player.
10) No Fake Accounts will be tolerated on my streams, You will be instantly banned from my streams.
11) No Racism On my stream.
12) Do not cause drama in the chat.
13) Do not start arguments in the chat, If there is someone in that Chat you do not get along with then either block them. if they’re being rude ask a moderator or myself to place them into timeout.
14) No being a troll in the chat.
15) If you are a moderator do not timeout or hide anyone, unless you’ve been given permission to by myself. If you are found abusing your moderator privileges you will have it removed.
16) Do not start console wars in the chat, as both consoles do the same & there is no difference.

Failing to following these rules will result in a time out and repeating failing to follow the rules will result in a ban from my streams.