Yo Dog, we heard you like BMX so we added another 4 X’x to your BMX.

Kyle continues to torture Shane, Austin, Phoenix, Dave, and Traversian through a trial as old as time itself: Bike Parkour. Full of speed boosts, stop signs and the occasional secret barrel, BMXXXXX will throw our heros to the wayside like the pieces of trash they are. All competing for the greatest trophy of them all… nothing. Literally nothing but pride.

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How to Play:
Fairly straight forward. Ride the BMX from Point A to Point B, hitting all the points in between. Watch out for obstacles and don’t get off your bike. Also, there are busses. They suck.


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Who are we? We’re The Lone Few. Not ‘Lone Few,’ or just ‘Lone,’ or contrary to popular belief not ‘The Spawns of Satan.’ We make videos in video games. That’s it. Simple right. Things like Famous Last Words, Movie Magic, Battlefield Reporter, Secret spots, and GTAV machinima as well as custom game modes in games like GTA V, Call of Duty, and Battlefield. Games that YOU can play by yourself or with you friends (and tell them you came up with it, which may in turn get you laid… probably not though)!

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