In this GTA 5 video I’m showing you all BMX Tricks that you can do in GTA V, Step by Step (Keyboard Version). Those include the Wall Climb, Hipster Slide, Wall Ride, Grinds, Frame Bounce & More!

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โ–บ All Tricks & Techniques from the video listed:

00:00โ€‹ – Introduction
00:41โ€‹ – Bunny Hop + Speed Bunny Hop
01:30โ€‹ – High & Far Jumps
01:55โ€‹ – 180s/360s/720s
02:09โ€‹ – Wheelie
02:30โ€‹ – Wheelie to Ramp (Speed)
02:48 – Stoppie
03:06โ€‹ – Hipster Slide
03:40โ€‹ – Staircase Double Jump
04:09โ€‹ – Wallclimb
04:57โ€‹ – Handlebar Grind + Combos
05:22โ€‹ – Ass Grind + Combo
06:07โ€‹ – Handlebar Grind to Ass Grind
06:27โ€‹ – Backwards Bunny Hop
07:11 – Frame Bounce
07:46 – Cog Slide
08:03 – Reverse Cog Slide
08:12 – Wallride
08:51 – Side Ride
09:23 – Monkey Slide
09:40 – Frame Slide

โ–บ Music:

All songs are from the “Epidemic Sounds” library

Thanks for watching! ๐Ÿ™‚