This is me playing through the three sets of challenges on the first level of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX. I’m playing it on the PS2 with texture smoothing on. Also, sorry for the lack of music, but to avoid another Youtube copyright claim, I turned the music off.

For me, this was my Tony Hawk. I played this game a lot more, and found it to be a lot more fun. The trick modifiers are awesome, and allow you to do your own custom tricks.

The game it button masher friendly, but that doesn’t make it an easy game. Some of the challenges are really hard. If you’ll notice, I skipped the last hardcore challenge (grind 180 feet of wire), because I’ve never been able to do it on the default bike they give you in the first level. In fact I usually wait until I have one of the final bikes in the game to go back and do it.