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About the game:
Ready to hit the streets? BMX Streets brings the essence of street riding to your fingertips. Experience the next generation of BMX gaming with realistic physics, meaningful customization and a massive open world. Practice, experiment and explore to find your own unique style and master the streets. Get your dose of Sega gaming goodness anytime, anywhere with play genesis games.

BMX Streets is a freestyle extreme biking simulator set in an open world. BMX Streets captures the essence of BMX culture by giving players the ability to find their own style of riding through practice, experimentation, and exploration.
Revolutionary Controls
Bumpers are your hands, triggers are your feet. BMX Streets puts you in complete control of your bike, whether its on the ground, in the air, or grinding down a handrail. The perfect balance of accessibility and depth, the control system allows you fully express yourself, from learning the basics to pushing the limits.
Physics Like No Other
BMX Streets physics make riding anything fun. Get technical on ledges and rails, send huge roof drops or thread your way around backyard bowls; it’s all about your style.
Endless Customization
Build your bike to match your style with over 1,000 bike parts. Collect parts to build your dream bike that not only looks good, but lets your ride the way you want to.
Hit the Streets
BMX Streets’ massive open world is inspired by landmark spots in Vancouver, Canada. With over 25km of expansive road network, and hundreds of street spots, the world is your skate park.
Diverse Challenges
Races, Trick Attacks, Secret Gaps, Tech Attacks and more to push your riding abilities to their limit. There’s hours and hours of gameplay to take on. Just don’t expect it to be a walk in the park.
Better with Friends
Get after it with your friends. Session with up to 3 friends anywhere in The World.

We built BMX Streets to be the ultimate BMX video game experience, but we aren’t stopping there… we can’t wait to show you what we have in the pipeline. Look out for updates coming soon.
Key Features
Physics Based BMX Riding
Diverse set of Challenges and Gameplay
Modern Control System
Replay Editor
Tweak System
BMX Customization
Pro Riders
Free Running
Open World
Day-Night Cycles
Player Stats Menu
Online Multi-Player
Mod Support

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