BMX Crazy Rider Offroad Cycle Racing Game is most thrilling off road bicycle simulation on the store. A realistic cycling simulation is waiting for you to enjoy off road bike effects in an enchanting way. Bicycle riding can be a need otherwise it is a great exercise for your body.

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BMX Crazy Rider Offroad Cycle Racing Gameplay is designed for those who are daring for real adventure. You are going to have realistic mountains and off road tracks around the whole world. This will give you best experience of bike riding simulator. Uphill tracks are specially made for tracking with bicycle. There are a lot of people who love to ride on bicycle as hill climbers. You will feel a great adventure as it is most daring task to be done in real life. Here you can enjoy this level of daring as a hill climbing bicycle rider in this bicycle off road racer.

Cliff climbers are basically risking their lives in this type of stunt simulations. You will find real thrill in this BMX Crazy Rider Offroad Cycle Racing game. This cycling game is also very interesting because of realistic jungle environment used in this bicycle off road simulation. You will have a great experience of forest bike riding in this BMX Crazy Rider Offroad Cycle Racing. This bicycle game can be relate to a downhill racing as well. Because in some missions this bicycle game have downward descending tracks in off road bicycle simulation.

You will have to be very careful about trees coming in your way. Because this could be a bike crashing game for your downhill supreme bicycle simulator. We have a variety of environments to enjoy this BMX Crazy Rider Offroad Cycle Racing game with best offroad stunts maniacs. Cave adventure will be your best area of bicycle simulation in this game because of stunning visuals and underground beauty of the world. Cave environment will blow your mind by its glowing objects in mysterious off road tracks of this cycling adventure.

While some of underground levels are having lava environment too. You will have a ride inside volcano in this BMX Crazy Rider Offroad Cycle Racing game. You have to cross tricky bridges over flowing laava. You have never tried an extreme cycle racing game with this level of bicycle suspensions and realistic bike control. Handlebar view will be a great addition to bicycle simulation lovers as it will add perfect simulation of real bmx. Snow environment is a unique place of bike riding game where you will be riding your bike on this curvy tracks filled with snow. Snow falling and fog will create a great scene to enjoy BMX Crazy Rider Offroad Cycle Racing game.

While in some levels you can enjoy impossible tracks simulations as well. You have to ride bicycle in realistic bridge crossing arenas. Long wooden bridges are placed between two mountains. And you will have to cross that hanging bridge without losing control. BMX Crazy Rider Offroad Cycle Racing would be really tough to cross that bridge as it could bend if your bicycle tire is not in center of the bridge. Some bridges have been created for river crossings. These bridges are top most unique bridges as these are created with rocks and stones.

BMX Crazy Rider Offroad Cycle Racing Game Features:
– Realistic camera view of first person cycling with off road suspension effect.
– HD graphics and stunning gameplay.
– Highly detailed hill stations.
– A very smooth control to simulate your bicycle.
– Multiple levels with different environments.
– Compatible with most of mobile devices.
How to Play:
– Navigation can be handled by buttons.
-Accelerate which can be related to pedal.
– Click on camera button to change view for accuracy.

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